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Let me prove that science is not for geeks only! It’s not something boring and yawn-provoking. On the contrary, it can be fun and mind-blowing. Just go to and see it by yourself. 

I started my acquaintance with this blog with an article about the scientific discoveries of student. Wow, I learned a lot during those 4 minutes. This blog has stories about fish, mammals, fungi, and other species. You will find general information about the class and then some facts about the most famous species’ representatives.

The website also offers a Biology portal, which would be useful for teachers who are looking for engaging videos and simple explanations of complicated material. If you are a student, you will immerse yourself with it as well as you will get a lot of additional information laid out in plain language.

Besides, if you are considering the filmmaking or photography industry as a hobby, you will love this website. The best photographers and filmmakers share great educational content there. You’ll learn how to take marvelous pictures with smoke, how to play with different characters and add them to a picture so that they look as if the shot was taken with them, and so on. The articles are supported with videos, so you can both read and watch a short clip.


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