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Social Studies Essay Plan

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Short guidelines for writing a social studies essay.


Sample social studies essay outline


1) Clearly state the issue:

Example 1: "The statement I chose is about the problem...."

Example 2 "The problem of this statement is...."


2) Explain why you chose this particular topic (describe the relevance and importance of the my homework done):

Example 1 - "Everyone is concerned about the issue..."

Example 2 - "The relevance of this topic is ..."


3) In one or two sentences, reveal the meaning of the statement from the point of view of social studies;


4) The author's vision and point of view:


For example, "The author spoke, reflected, and asserted from the point of view of ..."


5) Describe your interpretation of the topic, - YOUR point of view (whether you agree or not):

"I believe..."

"I don't think..."

"I agree with the author of the statement..."


6) Go to the main body of the essay and state your vision.


P.S. It would be a bonus if in the introduction you give information about the author of the statement himself and describe the definition of the chosen area of the essay (psychology, philosophy, economics, law, etc.)


1) Theoretical argumentation of the problem. At least three theoretical aspects of the topic should be presented here (for example: give examples, disclose the concept, disassemble functions, attributes, classifications or properties).

2) A practical argumentation or example from public life.


Go back to the initial statement and. draw a conclusion based on that. The conclusion itself should consist of 2 parts: own thoughts as a conclusion + return to the topic. 



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