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The Most Beautiful Tourist Chapel Bridge in the World

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The Most Beautiful Tourist Chapel Bridge in the World - During this time you often hear that Switzerland is famous for its chocolate products and watches, as well as its snow mountains, namely the Alps Slot Deposit Dana that traverses the country. Now is the time for you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Chapel Bridge.

Located in the City of Lucerne, the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and the center of the Lucerne district in Switzerland, the Chapel Bridge is in the most populous city in central Switzerland with a population of approximately 57,890 people.

Located close to Lake Lucerne and views of Mount Pilatus and Rigi which are part of the Alps, the City of Lucerne is synonymous with the beauty of its distinctive Chapel Bridge. The Chapel Bridge itself is made of wood and is a relic of the 14th century. So, not only beautiful, the Chapel Bridge has a high historical value.

Built in 1333, the Chapel Bridge was originally designed to help protect the City of Lucerne from enemy attacks. On the inside of the bridge, you can also see a series of paintings from the 17th century that depict the history of the City of Lucerne.


The Most Beautiful Tourist Chapel Bridge in the World

Unfortunately, in 1993, most of the sides of the bridge Slot Depo Dana caught fire and many of the paintings were destroyed. However, the bridge has been repaired.

Next to the Chapel Bridge, you can also find a 43-meter-high tower called the Wasserturm, an eight-sided water tower made of bricks. In its time, the tower became a prison and torture chamber. Even though it sounds a little scary, the bridge is still so beautiful, especially at night.

Tourist Directory – Chapel Bridge and River End Water Tower in Lucerne The water of Lake Lucerne flows into the Reuss River.

Originally the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower were part of the city fortress in Lucerne.
The north bridge of the Chapel Bridge never goes directly to St. Peter's Chapel.
Today, the area for walking in separate rivers.

The Story of the Chapel Bridge
The Chapel Bridge (“Kapellbrücke”) is a wooden pedestrian bridge spanning the Reuss River in the Swiss city of Lucerne. It is named St Peter's Chapel in dimensions, was built in 1333 and is one of the only wooden bridges in Europe.

Initially, it was more than 200 meters long, but in time, because of money, it was shortened and now it is 170 meters long. Built as part of the Lucerne fortress. The goal is to connect the city side on the right with the new side on the left and work as the cause of any attack that could come from the lake to the south.

One of the characteristics of the Chapel Bridge is the painting that hangs under its roof.
Lucerne's various narratives and legends, from paintings of the life and death of Lucerne's patron saint St Leger to legends of the city's patron saint. Maurice.

They were painted in the 17th century by local family painter Hans Heinrich Wägmann.
In 1993 on August 18, a fire broke out, possibly from a cigarette, and an explosion of two thirds of the painting.

Of the 147 paintings that have survived (from the original 158), 47 were not destroyed by fire and only 30 have been successfully restored.

Walk the Bridge
While in the wall area, it is filled with ornamental plants which make this bridge look attractive. In the 17th century, the walls and roof of the bridge were covered with large paintings plastered around the area.

Unfortunately the amazing fire on August 18, 1993 made most of the paintings and writings on The Chapel Bridge charred and destroyed. This is to lessen the damage to some of these ancient images, because juvenile Slot777 Deposit Dana delinquency can happen.