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6 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas that are Perfect for Small Spaces!
6 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas that are Perfect for Small Spaces!
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6 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas that are Perfect for Small Spaces!

Having a house with a narrow space can certainly be a problem. The reason is, you can't store large furniture in it. But don't worry, some of the multifunctional furniture below can be used as a solution! The function of this furniture is maximized so that it can be used for various needs.From a sofa that can be converted as a mattress to a folding dining table, there are lots of choices that you can make as a reference by

In addition, the size of the furniture is quite slim, so it will not take up much space and is suitable to be stored in a small room. Come on , find out what multifunctional furniture you can store in your home!

Multifunctional Furniture Ideas for Small Rooms

1. Sofa Becomes 2 Beds

Of course, you often hear about a sofa bed or a sofa that can be converted into a mattress. Well, unlike the usual sofa, this one sofa can be converted into 2 beds.
The 2 bed frames are stacked on top of each other, making it look like one sofa. This one piece of furniture is certainly suitable for use in a boarding house or small room.

2. Kitchen Cabinets Become Dining Tables

For those of you who have a small kitchen size that makes it difficult to store things, this one furniture can be your choice! From the outside, this furniture looks like a closet with lots of places to store things. However, you can open this cupboard and the cupboard door will form a dining table. The table size is quite spacious, 2 to 3 people can sit and eat at this table. It also has additional shelves to store other items. By selecting this furniture, you do not need to spend money to buy a dining table.

3. Dining Table and Chairs

Just like the previous furniture, this one furniture can also be converted into a dining table with 4 chairs. The table surface can be folded so it doesn't take up much space in the room. In addition, you can also insert 4 chairs into the table cavity. When folded properly, the table can serve as a small kitchen table for cutting or preparing food.

4. Folding Table

This furniture is a folding table that you can use for writing or working. Despite its slim size, you still use it to store small items such as books, pencils, or cell phones. In addition, the table will not take up space because it is mounted on the wall.

5. Bed Murphy's

A bed murphy is a bed that folds up against the wall. With this furniture, even the largest bed will not make the room cramped because it can be hidden easily. But you have to be careful, because this one bed is quite heavy when lifted or lowered.

6. Desk with Hidden Storage

Lack of space to store things at home? Don't worry, this table has a hidden place that you can use to store things. The table top can be pulled out to reveal hidden space. This table is also suitable for working or writing because the surface can be made higher.

So, you don't have to worry about a narrow room anymore! Multifunctional furniture can help you have a functional room without having to take up a lot of space. Hopefully the information above is useful, Friend 99! Stay tuned for more interesting articles on Property News


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